Our proven technology gives households direct energy savings on their hot water power bills. Saving customers money without impacting on their hot water availability. Introducing our break-through technology, the iSmart Hot Water Controller™ an energy hot water saving device that can easily be retrofitted to any hot water cylinder by a qualified electrician. More sophisticated than a timer, the iSmart Controller™ comes with an LCD DisplaySmart™ touch screen. With our user friendly touch screen you can programme when you want to heat up your hot water, plans for period of high use, can be boosted when you’ve got unexpected demand and minimise power use when away on holiday.

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  • Had been looking to control my hot water useage better via a timer but stumbled across the ismart controller so decided to give it a try. I did do a bit of homework on it and concluded it was just what the doctor ordered. Was very pleased to learn that it was exclusively designed and manufactured in New Zealand and they are prepared to warranty it for 3 years and not the standard 1 year like most!  After living with the system for awhile now I'm very happy with how easy it is to use and very informative, and its surprised us  as a family of five how its made us more aware of how we use our hot water without it being restrictive at all. All in all I can highly recommend this product as it does do what it says and is very easy to use!!
    Boyle Family Hawkes Bay
  • We are semi-retired couple and where we can save money on our power bills we try to. We go away alot so therefore don't like to leave the cylinder on.  The ismart controller enables us to safely turn off our cylinder by putting into holiday mode. Also works well with our solar hot water system, so we can programme to heat our hot water during the day when the sun is out. We are saving about $50 per month. We have been very please with the savings since we installed the ismart controller.
    Allen Family, Dunedin
  • Very clever piece of technology, we are making some good savings each month. We are able to manage our water a lot better and saving about $45 a month on our power bills,  has been fantastic energy saving device. Installation was really quick and easy. Our overall experience has been A++
    Colin and Jen, Paihia Northland
  • We have had our Smart Controller installed  for  about 8 months. We are saving about $40 per month with a household of six. We found the colour touch screen very user friendly, we love the Holiday Mode and being able to see how much hot water we have. Would recommend this product to those who want to save on their power bills Many thanks. Paul
    Paul, Lower Hutt Wellington
  • With just the two of us in the house now, we no longer are wasting power on heating our whole cylinder. We are very happy with our savings we are making.  I just wish this technology came out years ago. We feel good also knowing we are supporting a Kiwi made product. 🙂
    Annie, Onehunga Auckland


  • If your power bill is landing you in hot water it might be a swell idea to update your water heating system. The iSmart Kiwi Controller gives you the power to regulate how and when your hot water cylinder goes to work – with clever technology that remembers how much you use and how much you’ll need.
  • Your wallet will thank you and so will your family with an inbuilt setting that automatically eliminates legionella’s disease and keeps your household healthy and happy.
  • This advanced technology ingeniously uses power at off-peak times so you’re not charged an arm and a leg just to wash up after dinner.