• What is an iSmart Hot Water Controller and how does it work?

    An iSmart Hot Water Controller is an advanced computerised hot water manager for your hot water cylinder with an easy to understand user display. It measures the temperature at 2 locations on the cylinder and turns the element/s on and off at exactly the right time.

    It works by knowing what you expect in available hot and at what time against what you have stored in your cylinder. It will only heat what you need and in time for when you need it, eliminating waste. Unlike a standard hot water cylinder that will attempt to wastefully and inefficiently heat the entire contents to at least 60°C continuously)

  • Does it meet NZ standards?

    Yes; fully compliant with NZ regulations and registered (and the new NZ and Australia RCM).
  • Can I Retrofit it to my existing cylinder?

    Yes, we have a patented sensor mounting system that will enable reliable fitting of the sensors to an existing cylinder. The controller can be mounted close to your cylinder and the LCD display next to the cylinder or anywhere inside the house as longs as we have access to run the wiring through the ceiling or under the house. 

  • What is the difference between this and a timer?

    A timer does not measure or know the amount of hot water you have in your cylinder, as such you can run out of hot water and when heating is scheduled it will tend to heat to maximum and waste energy. All of these problems are avoided with the iSmart Hot Water Controller. The iSmart Hot Water Controller will ensure you heat only the water you need and make sure you don’t run out of hot water. 

  • What savings will I likely achieve per annum?

    Our feedback from our customers is easily $30 – 40 per month, some much higher. It depends on how much hot water you use.

  • Can anyone install the iSmart Hot Water Controller?

    Generally it will require someone with electrical registration (such as an electrician or electrical service technician) as there is mains wiring involved. However the rest of the installation as such is fairly straight forward and within most capable people’s ability. A typical install takes up to two hours.

  • Does it work with ripple control?

    Yes; with the standard wiring the controller (and display) will go off when ripple control removes power. The controller will remember all settings and status so will automatically carry on once power is restored. However if you would like the controller to stay on and continue displaying stored hot water status during a ripple control power outage it is possible to wire in a dual power option with the same controller. The installer will have access to information on how to do this.

  • Will it boost temperature automatically for Legionella?

    Yes; Legionella protection is automatic with the Smart Hot Water Controller (we call it BioSafe©), it will protect your family no matter what adjustment or setting is selected. The Smart Hot Water Controller complies with type 3 of the New Zealand acceptable solution for Legionella control and will only need to sterilise the tank a maximum of once a week (if such a condition has not been attained during the past 7 days). Beware it is our opinion that a timer cannot comply with New Zealand law as an acceptable solution (type 1, 2 or 3) for domestic hot water storage Legionella control.

  • If I went away on holiday will it still work?

    You can easily set the iSmart Hot Water Controller to holiday mode. It will stop heating the tank except to keep it safe from Legionella (once a week)

  • What if I have extra visitors staying will I run out of hot water?

    The iSmart Hot Water Controller can easily adapt to changing circumstances. In anticipation of increased hot water usage you can either turn down the savings control during your guests stay or press a one off boost occasionally. There is a good chance the iSmart Hot Water Controller might adapt to the extra load anyway (it depends on a number of conditions).

  • What if my cylinder is very old what would you recommend I do?

    This might be a good opportunity to consider an iSmart-Cylinder. A insulated stainless steel cylinder with an iSmart Hot Water Controller already installed on it and optimised for efficiency and with future proof features is a good investment. This is also a good opportunity to upgrade to mains pressure hot water if you do not already have it and/or wetback heating or solar hot water etc as the iSmart-Cylinders have extra ports and features already in place should you decide to upgrade. 

  • Can I use the iSmart Hot Water Controller or cylinder in conjunction with my Solar PV?

    Yes. Because you need to heat your water anyway, the iSmart Hot Water Controller can be pre-set to heat when you have maximum sunshine hours (typically 11am to 2 pm depending on roof orientation). Now for the rest of the day a preset profile will ensure you do not run out of hot water or heat when you do not need to. This should ensure most of your Solar PV energy is used within your house for the best possible returns.

  • Can I use the iSmart Hot Water Controller or cylinder in conjunction with a hot water heat pump?

    Yes; some hot water heatpumps can work with our iSmart Hot Water Controller for even greater efficiency. Contact us to discuss what heatpumps are compatible.

  • What if I am worried about unauthorised adjustment of my hot water settings?

    No problem, there is a password protection option with the touch screen displays that will avoid this. We call it child lock but it might apply to children of all ages.